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Shri A.P.Verma… My Dad,  My Inspiration!!!

Always working: preparing for lecture, writing books, assessing papers or tutoring students! That’s my dad!!!   Approaching 75, he is one of the most alert and active persons I have come across. Author of 16 books, all of which make for the recommended reading at Graduate and Post Graduate level engineering students. What a great contribution to the academic life of so many students !

Like many others, I too believe that a part of our lives should be dedicated to giving back to the community we live in. My dad shows me the way. Develop the talents we have to the utmost, and channelize it to the betterment of ourselves and our community at large.


Shri A.P.Verma
Academic Counsellor of Management Studies at Indira Gandhi National Open University /IGNOU
Formerly Engineer at TATA Engineering & Locomotive Co. Ltd. [TELCO], Jamshedpur
Faculty Member at IMT, Ghaziabad
Guest Faculty Member at National Institute of Technology [NIT], Patna
Guest Faculty Member at Indian Institute of Aeronautics, N. Delhi
Guest Faculty Member at Central Institute of Plastic Engineering & Technology, Hajipur
Guest Faculty Member at Global Entrepreneurship & Management Academy [GEMA], Patna
Guest Faculty Member at Dept. of MBA, A.N.College, Patna



Dad’s Books   [click to enlarge]

Dad has authored 16 books. At home, I could find only 8 of them.  So  I could photograph only these 8.

However, I was able to make a list of all his books.. Please scroll down for the list.




LIST of Dad’s Books



Operations Research
Industrial Management
M/C Design
Production Management
Industrial Engineering & Management
Industrial management for Polytechnics
Mechanical Estimating & Costing
Operations Management
Fundamentals of Industrial Engineering & Management
Introduction to Operations Research

Business Maths
Business Statistics
Quantitative Techniques
IIT Mathematics
IIT Physics



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