2013 India Trip: Bihar / Rajgir – Sonbhandar Caves

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Sonbhandar caves – Rajgir [Nalanda District, Bihar]

“Sonbhandar” – literally means gold treasure.  Sonbhandar caves is at Rajgir, in Nalanda district.  Legend has it that these caves still hide a passage to the treasury of gold. of King Bimbisara.  There are two  cave chambers. These two chambers are  hollowed out of a single massive rock.  It is believed that one of the chambers has been the guard room with a doorway that leads to King Bimbisara Treasury [which is believed to be still intact]. The second chambers has many etchings into the wall.


Sonbhandar caves

Chamber I – Sonbhandar caves


Tour guide showing us doorway which has treasure of King Bimbisara. Inscriptions in Sankhlipi or shell script is a clue for opening the doorway.


Sonbhandar caves

Chamber II – Sonbhandar caves


The second chambers bears a few traces of seated and standing deities etched into the wall.



PHOTO GALLERY: Sonbhandar Caves







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