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Pawapuri Water Temple

  From Bihar Tourism website..

Lord Mahavira, the final Tirthankar and founder of Jainism, breathed his last at this place, and was cremated here around 500 B.C. It is said that the demand for his ashes was so great that a large amount of soil was removed from around the funeral pyre, creating the water tank. A marble temple, the “Jalmandir” [Water Temple], was later built in the middle of the tank, and is now a major pilgrimage spot for Jains. Another Jain temple called Samosharan is located...

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Sonbhandar caves - Rajgir [Nalanda District, Bihar]

"Sonbhandar" - literally means gold treasure.  Sonbhandar caves is at Rajgir, in Nalanda district.  Legend has it that these caves still hide a passage to the treasury of gold. of King Bimbisara.  There are two  cave chambers. These two chambers are  hollowed out of a single massive rock.  It is believed that one of the chambers has been the guard room with a doorway that leads to King Bimbisara Treasury [which is believed to be still intact]. The second chambers has many etchings into the wall.


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Rajgir Hot Water Spring

Hot Water Springs of Rajgir.

Rajgir has many tourist attractions. Apart from  Aerial Ropeway and World Peace Pagoda [ and many more sites]..  Rajgir is famous for Hot Water Springs. The Saptparni cave is the source of the Rajgir Hot Water Springs. These have curative properties, likely due to the sulfur .  Here, hot water from seven different springs (together called Saptarshi, or seven sages) merge.  These are at the foot of Vaibhava Hill.  A staircase leads up to the various temples.  The hottest of the springs is...
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